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Adding extract late in the boil

Anyone do this when brewing? I remember I saw an article in BYO Magazine that talked about this, and I’ve tried it a few times on high-gravity extract brews. Actually, I think N.B.'s Imperial Slavic Ale from a couple of years ago had late extract addition, along with a 90 minute boil. I’ve found that even when doing a full or near-full five gallon boil I get better overall flavor and have less problems with scorching and carmelization when I add my extract within the last 5 to fifteen minutes of the boil. I’m interested in whether it is worth bothering with on a “normal” gravity beer. Thanks


I’ve only tried this with a high gravity Russian Imperial Stout (OG was 1.094) where I added 1/4 of the extract at the beginning of the boil and the remaining 3/4 with about 5 minutes left.

I don’t see why a late extract addition with a lower gravity beer wouldn’t have the same effect - less caramelization, better bitterness, and cleaner flavors

common practice in my house. less scorching, lighter colors in appropriate brews, less chance of “twang” from what I’ve noticed. that and the leprechauns grant me more wishes.

More wishes is always a good thing!

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