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Adding Extract at End of Boil

Getting ready to brew a 5 gal. partial mash SNPA clone. Planning to boil 3 gal. and will add the partial mash wort and enough DME to approximate the batch target OG and then add balance of DME at end of boil. Doing this so that I don’t have to adjust hops schedule/bill due to utilization changes with a higher gravity boil. Any issues with adding the DME at end of boil?

Nope. No problem at all. I routinely added 1/2 of the extract during the last 10-15 min of the boil when I was doing extract and partial mash batches. Like you said, it helps hop utilization and I’ve read that it can help keep the color more in line. Although I never noticed any big difference in color. Extracts just turn out darker than all grain.

EDIT: You DO want to add it before the “end” of the boil. Somewhere around 10-15min left is fine. You still want to get that DME incorporated into the wort by boiling for a little bit.

Thanks Dobe, and thanks for the heads-up re. 10-15 boil for DME.

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