Adding corn sugar to fermenter

From what I’ve read this will boost the abv which I really want to do so I can dry out my beer after it underattenuated. Any scale recommendations or slaps on the wrist here?

If it under attenuated, how do you know the yeast will convert the new sugars?

What is the recipe and yeast? OG, FG?

1lb of sugar will add ~1.009. About .9% ABV

Adding more sugar isn’t going to fix an underattenuated beer. At best, 100% of the new sugar will get fermented, your alcohol will go up but your FG will stay more or less the same. At worst, your yeast will be too stressed to ferment the new sugar, and you’ll just end up with sugary beer.

If you want to dry out a recipe, you need to substitute malt for sugar, not just add sugar.

Yeah, I totally miscalculated this one and am a little embarrassed that I posted without really analyzing the situation myself. You guys are turning me into a dependent homebrewer. I can’t do this without you!!!

Anyway, I just gave the cake a light fluffing. Here’s hopin’.