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Adding coffee to beer?

Hello what is the best method to add coffee to your beer I read people do cold press, using what they call dry - beaning putting crush coffee bean into the secretary or keg the only problems I see doing this is infection issues.

Naw, no infections. I’ve done it a lot. Heck, I even put unwashed mushrooms into beer and no infection. By the time the beer is fermented, the alcohol and low pH make it pretty resistant to infection.

I use 2 methods for adding coffee to beer…first, I dry bean in secondary. I use about 5 oz… of coarsely cracked beans in a muslin bag and leave it in 3-5 days. That gives you a lot of aroma a bit of flavor. For more flavor, I add brewed coffee when I package. Brew the coffee using whatever means you like. Pour 4 4 oz. samples of the beer and add a different, measured amount of coffee to each. Taste them to determine which you like best, then scale that amount of coffee up to the batch size.


And how does this come out mush rooms into the beer. Intresting

It’s very good, but you have to match the mushroom to the beer style. Chanterelles with wee heavy, matsutakes with a BGSA, portabellas with brown ale, candy caps with porter…Homebrewing With Mushrooms - American Homebrewers Association

Do you add them in the begining of the boil. Or around ten min before the end. Might think will work good with a stout

No, you don’t want to boil them at all. You add them to secondary. I take it you didn’t read the article I linked. There’s a very specific process I’ve developed over 15 years of trials. First, you don’t want to wash or sanitize the mushrooms. That adds liquid you don’t want. I just wipe them lightly with a damp paper towel. Then you chop them up and vacuum seal them and freeze them. A couple days before you’re ready to use them, thaw them in the fridge. When you’re ready for secondary, open them up and pour the mushrooms and all the liquid that’s collected with them (that’s where the flavor is) to the secondary and rack the beer on to them. After about 5 days, taste to see if the flavor is strong enough. If it is, package. If not, leave them a bit longer.

@denny @wilcolandzaat I’m going to step back to a previous reply in this thread and highlight the link the that Discourse software seems to have problems displaying. I have found in normal usage (@NBCustomerService), that there are combinations of platform (phone, tablet, laptop) and browser (Safari, Chrome, Firefox :cry:, Edge :confounded:, Vivaldi :hushed:) where Discourse has problems displaying things properly.

Here’s the link (one more time) - hopefully it’s displayable on all devices and browsers :slight_smile: because it is a really fun article.

Thanks @denny for sharing it!

No sorry did not see the link. But this sounds intresting. Gonna try this at home

Glad yer gonna try it. Most homebrewers freak out at the not washing and sanitizing, but it really isn’t needed.

I’d like to like say a thank you small batch brewer for the tech’nal stuff he can do… Than You! Sneezles61

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