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Adding coffee extract at bottling?

I’m planning to make a cold water extract of ground coffee and then add it to a sweet stout at bottling time. Any tips on that?

I made a coffee porter that came out fantastic where I made a gallon of coffee and added it to the pot in the last 5 minutes of the boil. Any reason why you are going to add it at bottling time?

The brew is already fermented and ready to bottle so it’s too late to add it at the boil. Thanks for your reply.

Cold brewed coffee after the beer is completed is how I do all my coffee beers now. Only extra tip I’d offer is to pull some samples of beer to figure out how much cold press coffee you’ll want to add. I grab 4 oz samples of beer and then add various amounts of coffee to see which one I like best. Then do the math and scale up the coffee addition what you’ll need to dose 5 gallons (or what ever your finished beer quantity is).

I’m sure you can get exactly the same effect by adding the ground coffee to secondary but since I don’t do beers with coffee all the often I’m never quite sure on exactly how much beans to add. Easy to just add the cold press coffee once the beer is kegged and I’m able to do it to taste so that is the route I always go.


I think your method is what I’m going to do. I’m bottling, so once I get the amount calculated, I’ll add it to each bottle.

While that would work it’d be far easier to just add the total amount of coffee needed to the bottling bucket rather than to each bottle.

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