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Adding Cocoa powder to secondary?

Hello how would one go about adding cocoa powder to there beer in the secondary? Without contamination issues?.

Wouldn’t you boil some water, say a pint, then add your cocoa powder? Or, is it a terminal gravity, and the pH is low enough that it won’t grow much, if any unwanted bugs? Sneezles61

Cocoa powder just forms a clumpy mass on top, in a secondary. Another option would be to mix it with a little vodka, or other ‘spirit of your choice’ and add it. The alcohol helps disperse it and sanitizes it as well.


Why dont you add it to the wort about 10 to5 min before the end

Actually, this is the method that I’ve found works the best with powder. Cocoa nibs are bigger and sink well. Those I add after fermentation has slowed.

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