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Adding chocolate to my stout

Hi guys, I have about 10 extract brews under my belt and my favorite was a 5 gal milk stout kit. I added 4 oz of cocoa nibs to the secondary to bring out the chocolate flavor but it didn’t do much. I’d like more chocolate flavor, Is it just a matter of adding more nibs? Is there something better I could use to bring out the chocolate?

I do 8 oz of nibs. I allow them to soak in vodka for the 2 weeks of primary fermentation, then I add them to the fermenter and allow to set for 2 more weeks. It seems to have been effective.

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Actually adding a vanilla bean helps bring out the chocolate flavor. 6-8 oz. cocoa nibs plus 1 whole bean, split. Soak in vodka, or for an interesting extra flavor note, try your favorite bourbon.

Good points. I just made a stout and I added 4 oz of nibs, one vanilla bean, and 4 ounces of rum. That came out great

Vodka is used a lot for soaking. I don’t drink much, does vodka have a neutral flavor is that why it’s used? Can a cheap vodka be used or should a name brand be used?

Yes, the idea is that vodka has a neutral flavor. I personally have a hard time buying a bottle of booze I won’t drink, so whatever I use, I tend to buy something I wouldn’t mind mixing in a drink (so not too expensive), but also would happily drink (so not the cheapest rotgut). I tend to use bourbon, though, as I figure I might as well add some of that flavor to the party.

I know it’s not quite the route you are planning but about 5 years ago I added I think 12 oz of dark chocolate to the boil and a pot of cofee to the secondary. It was well received. Lasted two days.

Will the vodka soak help pull out the flavor from the nibs and vanilla bean or is it mostly for sanitizing?

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Both, actually. A lot of flavors are soluble in alcohol… that’s why Vanilla extract is usually cheap bourbon.

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