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Adding cherry to a wheaton saison

Hi. My daughter is coming home for the 4th of July, and she loves wheat beers, so I made the NB Wheaton Saison. It’s in secondary right now (1 week so far). She sent me a text yesterday asking me to add cherry to it (Cherry Wheaton Saison). I’ve not worked with fruits or spices yet, with the exception of adding cinnamon to a sweet milk stout (which turned out exceptional!), so I’m not sure if it’s wise at this point or not. I do have some Brewer’s Best cherry extract that she gave me for my birthday last year. Would it ruin the beer to add it at this point? If not, how much should be added? Also, it’s cherry season here in Michigan, so I could easily get real fruit too. Would that be better, and if so, how much to add? Thanks.

I have typically used real fruit, though many, including Jamil and Mosher do a combination of real fruit and extract to supplement. Did she give you extract or puree?

I would split the batch and do a fruit beer for half of it, unless you think your daughter will be drinking 5 gallons of beer over the Fourth.

So 2.5 gallons, with 2.5# of pitted frozen, then thawed, chopped cherries in a paint strainer bag (easier removal later). Then if it still needs cherry flavor, add a small amount of extract at packaging (you didn’t say if you bottle or keg).

If you keg and want to check out the addition of extract just pour some samples of a known volume and add extract of various volumes; find the ratio you like and scale up. Obviously less helpful for real fruit but can even be done at bottling time with the flat beer. This is how I add coffee to my beers (cold brewed coffee).

Thanks for the replies. I’ve got it in secondary in a carboy, so transferring half to a bottling bucket wouldn’t be a real issue. But, yes, I do keg, so that might be an issue. The beer tasted good by itself, and even so, I’m not opposed to a risk - after all, she asked for it. :slight_smile: So, it’s basically 1# of frozen/thawed/chopped fruit per gallon? I could transfer the beer from the carboy to a bucket and put the fruit in a strainer, no problem.

How long does it need to stay in secondary with the fruit?


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