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Adding cherry concentrate to Saison- all grain

Brewed a Saison, and wanted to kick things up a notch. Added 8 tablespoons of tart cherry concentrate to the last gallon when bottling. Tasted it didn’t think it was cherry enough. Chalk it up to learning.

From your experiences, what amount (extract, concentrate, puree, whole cherries) have you noticed as working best? 5 gallon…1, just some examples to help with further attempts. If it turns out well enough, may do again later this summer.

As an FYI…OG: 1.055, FG 1.008. All grain.

Did you account for the additional fermentables from the cherry concentrate? Did you do this after priming? If so they could become bottle bombs so try to place them somewhere safe in case they blow. A box wrapped in a garbage bag or a plastic crate would be ideal.

When I use the cherry concentrate that comes with the NB cherry stout kit, I use the whole 4 oz. in a 5G batch. It’s noticeable, but not overwhelming. But then again, it’s a Stout base.

I have a kettle sour going now that I just added 2 12oz bottles of cherry concentrate (organic, preservative free). The bottle says 3 lbs of fruit was used in each bottle. I’m looking for a lot of fruit flavor and hope this will be right. This is the first time I have added fruit to a beer, but from my research you want to use 1-2 lbs of fresh fruit per gallon of beer. But it also depends on how much fruit flavor you are looking for.

Here is a quick read that may help.

Thanks gents. Added enough sugar to carb to 3 vols on the non cherry bottles, so hears knocking on word that the cherry bottles don’t blow up. If anything, they may be a little over carbed.

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