Adding Cane Sugar Later In Fermentation?

I’m about to brew a Saison tomorrow and the recipe calls for one pound of cane sugar. With other batches that have called for cane sugar I’ve added it later when fermentation seemed to slow a bit so the yeast wouldn’t tire themselves out on the simple sugars. I’ll be using Wyeast French Saison (3711), however. This yeast is an animal and my previous experiences with this yeast tells me it will have no problem eating the sugar if added into the boil. Any thoughts on this?

I have added sugar to the end of boil and fermented with 3711 down to 1.006

I had the exact same results with my Spring Saison/‘saisony’ biere de mars, which is lagering now. Great practice and great yeast.

i think you’re looking at it kind of wrong. Most yeast can handle highish alcohol contents. The catch is you need to pitch enough yeast to do so. So if you’re making a appropriate yeast starter you should be good to go either way. I’ve read about later sugar additions of either cane sugar, table sugar, molasses, additional wort, or honey (which I have done) but I’ve seen this more for the big, super high ABV beers.