Adding cacao nips in milk stout?

Hi guys I know you can add vodka to cacao nibs to help sterilize but can you also use whiskey? I’m was just gonna use what I have on hand? Also can one day be enough time I was going to add them tomorrow.

Sure, it’ll work. Alcohol is alcohol. It might taste slightly different, but a few oz in 5 gallons isn’t going to be obvious. You’ll extract more flavor if you let it sit longer than 1 day, but that should be enough time to sanitize them.

I would let them sit for a minimum of 1 week, covered, agitating whenever you walk by it, then just add the liquid to taste. Depends on what kind of whiskey you are adding, but I would typically opt for vodka. Whiskey has a lot more flavors in it dissolved from the wood barrels that may or may not work in a milk.

Thanks guys for the help!