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Adding Brewing Salts to Sparge vs. Boil Kettle

Quick question. I’ve been using Bru’n water for a couple batches and am wondering if I could just add my brewing salts to my boil kettle that I normally reserve for my sparge water additions. I usually add about a gram of gypsum and a 1.5 grams of calcium chloride to my mash to get the pH in proper range. I batch sparge so my fears of improper pH range throughout the sparge are diminished correct? I have only been adding the additional salts to the sparge water per Bru’n waters recommendations.

My local tap water chemistry as is follows:

Calcium - 24 ppm
Magnesium - 8.5 ppm
Sodium - 12 ppm
Bicarb- 101 ppm
Sulfate - 25 ppm
Chloride - 25 ppm
Nitrate - 0.1 ppm
pH - 7.6

Any input would be greatly appreciated.

Hopefully Martin will jump in here and answer your question better but:

Yes, you can add them directly to your BK, especially if you batch sparge.

I always treat one batch of water which then gets used for my mash and sparge water.

The salts are probably good for the enzymes and the correct pH is probably good for reducing tannin extraction. So why not keep them there for the whole thing?

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