Adding Bourbon to a Porter

Any “rules of thumb” when adding bourbon to the secondary in a porter? (For a 5 gal. batch) Amounts, etc.?

Yeah…don’t add it to secondary. Add it at packaging to tatse. To decide how much bourbon to use in my BVIP, I poured 4 2 oz. samples of the beer prior to bottling. I dosed each with a different measured amount of bourbon. I tatsed, decided which I liked best, then scaled that amount up to the batch size. By doing that, I don’t have to guess or use someone else’s guess for my beer.

^ Sounds like he pretty much hit the nail rite on the head.

I brewed our host’s bbp, and I used a pint glass of local bourbon, and medium plus toast cubes, and added to secondary. I really enjoyed it, as did others. I tried one a friend had made this weekend. He used the same process, only using 8 oz of bourbon. It was also good. I prefer complex beers with a lot going on. YMMV