Adding a window

I use plastic buckets for my fermenting. I love everything about the convenience of the bucket. The only thing I wish is that there were a way to see inside. SO I was thinking about cutting out a circle fromt he cover and filling it in with a piece of polycarbonate. Anyone think this will be a significant addition of risk of infection? A place where the nasty bugs can hide? Good idea or bad idea?

When I want to see in I pop off the lid.

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You can. I would silicone it in. I don’t think it would impose a significant infection risk.

Just get the largest bung you can find and drill that size hole. Or pop the lid. I have one of those lid lifters, piece of cake

Yeah, I usually pop the lid. But its on there tight. It’s inside of the chest freezer and so it’s cumbersome. So it would be cool to just be able to open the lid of the freezer and look in the bucket window. I also thought it would be cool to add an LED inside the bucket and add a web cam. I could then monitor it any time I want from a PC!

Sounds like watching grass grow.

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Dude…you need a hobby…haha…JK…sorta.

So if you ferment in a enclosed, controlled environment, why not cut a piece of polycarbonate the size of yer lid and let it be yer new lid? Sneezles61

Make sure the lens is krausen proof for those very active yeasts.

I would hold the window in place with small screw on clamps. This way it could be completely removed for cleaning. Caulk can eventually start growing some mold. Like the black mold in my shower stall where a leak was fixed with silicon caulk.

A circular plexiglass window with appropriately sized o-ring for a seal?

Just get a carboy. The cost of F’ing a batch up making a window would be more than the cost of a carboy.

I surprised that by now some brew gadget company hasn’t come up with a clear bucket lid of some kind. Clear plastic ones used to be around for conical fermenters.

Or how about a BMB with a built in handle