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Adding a touch of color to my Bopils

Any suggestions on adding just a bit of color to my Bopils? It has great flavor so I don’t want to mess with that, its just really pale and I would like to get it more golden. For a 5 gallon batch I use 10 lbs pilser malt and .75 lbs carapils. I have made it with both a step mash or a single. If I were to add some malt what would be best to not mess with the taste, I only need a couple points of color at most. Thanks!

If you add just one single ounce of roasted barley, this will add a smidge of golden color but no flavor. I do this for color adjustments on occasion. You don’t even have to mash it if you don’t want – you can just steep the roasted grain in a bag for a few minutes while the wort comes up towards a boil. Just be sure to take it out before the temperature reaches 170 F to avoid extracting any tannin. Problem solved.

Try some Munich, maybe a lb. per 5 gal. Not only will you get color, it will deepen the flavor.

I agree with the Munich – that ain’t a bad idea if you haven’t brewed it already. But if you’re in a hurry and have some roasted barley or even chocolate or black malt laying around, those will work in a pinch during the brew day.

Thanks, I was thinking Munich maybe, but didnt want to lose the bopils taste. I’ll give it a try.

If anything, a bit of Munich will enhance the BoPils taste.

I put 3/4 lb of Cara-Pils per 6 gallons of wort and get a nice golden color without anything but Pilsner malt flavors :cheers:

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