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Adding a fruit while force carbbing?

I have a pale ale that is ready to get kegged. I’ve decided now I want to split the batch (2 x 2.5) and leave half untouched and the other half add some raspberries. I know most people (as do I) put flavor addition in a secondary. But I’m thinking of just putting the fruit in a muslin bag while kegging. Any opinions on that?

The sugars in the raspberries might kick off a second fermentation which could lead to overcarbonation and cloudy, yeasty beer. Although, at fridge temps, the yeast would be severely hampered in doing this, so if you drink it fast, it may work ok.

If you can get your hands on a can of Oregon raspberry puree, and look on back label, you can see how much sugar you would be adding. I know that for the apricot puree I was surprised at how little sugar there was.

And even if there was an over-carb issue, it’s in a keg so you could just vent it.

Couldn’t you add campden to kill the yeast then add the raspberry kinda of like back sweeting a cider (heads up I have never done this or back sweetened anything before)

The effectiveness of campden is dependent on pH and beer is typically too high pH for it, so you would have to add a lot.

I’d split the batch and add the raspberries in the secondary, then wait a month before kegging it so any bacteria or wild yeast that might be on the fruit will have time to finish eating and let the beer drop clear.

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