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Added yeast before I shook Car boy will it activate?

I stupidly added yeast and than rocked car boy to introduce air 1 day later no fermentation did I ruin this or should I add one more package yeast or give it time. Thanks for any input

Need a little more info. What yeast? Wort gravity? Aerating after adding yeast shouldn’t cause you any problems unless you’ve horribly under pitched a liquid yeast. Even then you’re probably ok. Just give us some more info.



What temps?

No I always add the yeast and shake perfectly acceptable. May have not shaken it enough. I would encourage you to find a better way to aerate than shaking a glass carboy. Try pouring it back and forth in a pot or bucket then pour into your carboy. Most people using carboys use a stone. It will probably be slower because of lack of O2 but it should go eventually

Can you see inside the fermentor? If you are judging activity based on the airlock bubbling then you should know this forum get a lot of loose leak lid posts.

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