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Added To Much Water.....Ooops

I brewed an extract kit of the American Wheat on Saturday, I boiled about 3.5 gallons, about the max of my brew kettle, when it was all cooled I added the extra water to the carboy(to my normal level), but when I added the wort from the pot it was over my 5 gallon mark. I guess I had more water in the brew kettle than normal, and perhaps didn’t have as much boil off. I usually have to top up the carboy, this time I’m over. Anyways, my OG should have been 1.040, but I ended up at 1.034. I used the Safale-05 dry yeast, and after two days it started to see some action. Is this going to turn out okay? Should I add anything to the carboy, or just let it ride…?


Also, is it possible to dry hop this beer in the primary, or should it be moved to secondary for a week of dry hopping?

Let it ride, no need to add any other variables to the beer. See how it turns out, try another batch at a later date and don’t be too concerned about reaching your ultimate OG. There won’t bee too much of a difference.

+1. You could always boil, cool and add some more sugar right away to up the gravity while active fermentation is going on, but I’d just leave it be. You’ll have a light session beer. No biggie.

Yes, you can dry hop right in the primary. Personally, I always rack to secondary when dry hopping only because I rinse and collect yeast. So I dump the dry hops in a secondary, rack the beer on top and then rinse and collect the yeast from the primary. If you’re not doing that, then just toss the hops in the primary.

Beer will be fine…just not as strong as originally intended…

Next time add the wort first, then top-off with the appropriate amount…you essentially did a brewer’s version of ‘shoot first ask questions later’

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