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Added one too many gallons of water...OOOOPS!

Newbie here and brewed a Pumpkin Smash 4 weeks ago. Unfortunately, I made a 6 gallon batch instead of a 5 gallon while rotating carboys. Is there a way to salvage the batch? It is just too watery.
Thanks for any help!

All I can offer, is to mark all your carboys at the 5 gallon mark.

Finish it and drink it. The alcohol content will be pretty low but it may not be as bad as you think. Marking the carboy is a good idea. Try not to panic and drink more beer for your nerves. You’ll feel better.

What was your measured SG or recipe.

It was the Smashing Pumpkin Ale Extract Kit. This was our 3rd after a Wheat that was ok, and a great IPA. We haven’t gotten into SG measurement, but think we need to delve deeper into the science.
It is kegged and carbonated for the past two weeks. Thanks above for the carboy marking tip! And…the drink it anyway tip! I’ll need to keep some while our replacement batch develops.

You could drink a little of it now. In the mean time, make a comparable 1-2 gallon beer that is 7-8%. When finished, mix it with your watered down beer.

You can boil ~1 cup of water with some malto dextrin. This will be unfermentable and should give the watery beer some more mouthfeel.

If my calculations are correct, you are at about 1.045 OG. That is what one would call a “session beer,” which can be a good easy drinking beer. For example, the Scottish 60 shilling is 1.031 OG. I’d just call it a scottish pumpkin and enjoy more per session.

Thank you all for the tips and calming words! I tried some last night and not sure if it was an extra week of aging, or your influence, but it is actually getting better. Thank you all again for helping this newby first time poster!

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