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Added DME to the fermentor

My OG was way to low because of my lousy mash technique . So I boiled 1lb extra light DME cooled it and stuck a funnel in the bung and fed it in. Never stopped bubbling. How many gravity points will I gain?

One pound of DME will give you a gravity of approximately 1.042 in one gallon.

Next time just use a pound of sugar boiled in some water.

Doesn’t the DME add anything else?

or about .008 in 5 gallons.

The DME will add some flavor. How much flavor depends on the type of DME. DME will also add body. Sugar will boost the ABV, but will thin the body.

I didn’t want to thin the beer that’s why I thought DME. I used muntins extra light by the way.

Let us know how the beer turns out!

Here’s an update. The beer is still bubbling . It’s 11 days. I was going to dry hop this weekend and bottle it next. I don’t know if that’s going to happen if it keeps going the way it is. I’m kind of surprised about the long fermentation since it is a low gravity beer. After next weekend I will be way for two weeks. Should I let it go unil I get back? That will be five weeks in the primary. What about the dry hop?

Opened one today and am quite pleased. Bottle conditioned for 2 weeks at 68 and tried one today. Nice aroma good amount of bitterness. Going to cellar at 52 for a week and then give some away for feedback. Got the ABV to 4% which is low but it is very drinkable. Going to brew it again this week and work on my mash technique. This was my first all grain. 2 weeks primary 1 week primary dry hop.

Question for you (as I may very well be in the same boat), at what point did you add the DME to the fermenter?

you want to add it while the beer is actively fermenting.

I added it on day one or two it was actively bubbling. Brought the water to a boil added the DME and boiled 15 min. I then cooled it to the temperature of the fermenter and added it with a sanitized funnel through the hole in the bucket cover. I used 1 qt of water. Next time I think I might boil it down more or start with less. You have to be carefull pouring through the funnel, don’t glug it in. The funnel will fill up because of the back pressure of the fermentation. Just lift the funnel enough so it drains then fill it again. Make sure you sanitize the airlock and stick it back in. Those are the details, quite simple really. Keep it clean and it should work fine. There should be plenty of yeast in your fermenter the first two weeks.

The bad news is that if you really used 1 lb of DME and 1 gallon of water, you didn’t increase the strength of your beer, you reduced it. You diluted it.

My wife just informed me I used a quart not a gallon. I still would boil it down more next time. Sorry about that misinformation.After adding I ended a 5full gallons so so I believe I still gained points

Not to be a dick but you’re going to have a hell of a time hitting your OGs out of a mash if you aren’t measuring and recording your water volumes carefully.

Actually I did put it in my log. Never checked my BG when I made the batch. It was my first all grain. What I will do I the future is check my BG and then boil off if I’m low. But I had no problem adding to the fermenting beer,the reason I did it was because I was worried about the BU ratio. It was a highly hopped and I wanted to try to get it more balanced. It worked, I’m enjoying one now.

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