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Added DME post boil to boost gravity

So yesterday I made a Munich Helles and used 100% distilled water. My initial water calculations called for 8 gallons, but for some reason I added an extra gallon on the sparge. I guess I was just not thinking. I boiled for 2 hours and wasn’t having much luck getting to my target wort volume.

I proceeded to chill and wait for my gravity sample to get to room temp so I could calculate how far I was off. I was a full 10 points off!

I had roughly 1.25 lbs of DME and I quickly added that to 2 q of boiling water, boiled for about 30 minutes, chilled it and added it to my fermenter. I didn’t want to scorch it, so I just did the quick boil.

Does this process seem okay? Normally, I would not have to do this as I would not overshoot my water by 1 gallon, but as they say “haste makes waste”… I am just concerned that the additional 2q of wort could throw of my IBUs or just make an outright odd Helles.


Really no reason to boil a half hour. I generally get it to a boil then add the DME . Also I only use a quart of water so as to not dilute it more . Another way would to be draw off some wort and use that to dissolve the DME


Thanks Brewcat. I was reading frantically after I saw my gravity off by 10 points. I read some that reduce it to syrup like LME, but I figured that I would scorch the wort and totally thrash the beer if I went that far.

I guess the silver lining out of this mistake is I now will have 12 beers to bottle and a full 5 gallon keg.

Fingers crossed.

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