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Added 1lb Wheat DME - will I need clearing agent?

I designed my first recipe:

1# Crystal 10 (steep 25 min)
7.2# Pale LME
1# Plain Wheat DME

1oz Simcoe 12.7 AA @ 60
1oz Centennial 9.29 AA @ 15
1oz Amarillo 8.8 AA @ 5
1oz Cascade 7.2 AA @ 0
1oz Amarillo/1 oz Centennial Dry hop

Safale 05

I normally have no problem getting pretty clear beer without using clearing agent, any experience with a small amount of wheat producing a cloudy beer?

Wheat DME does not cause a cloudy beer. You’ll be just fine.

Thanks! :cheers:

To be clear, Weiss yeast causes cloudy beer. It is also responsible for most of the flavors that people think of as being from the wheat. Wheat itself is very neutral, though it does add protein and thus can improve foam.

Actually due to the larger proteins of wheat you’ll get better clarity as they drop out better and quicker.

Thanks, I was under the wrong impression!

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