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Add yeast when transferring 7 mo. old lambic onto Cherries?

Just ready to transfer my Dawson’s Kriek onto the cherries. After 7 months, should I add yeast or hope that there is some left that will restart fermentation? I was thinking that some nice clean yeast might be the thing to do. What suggestions do you all have?

Thanks in advance.

You probably have plenty of yeast still alive, not to mention other lambic-y bugs. The sugar content of your cherries isn’t all that high either, not much fermentation needs to occur. Adding some small amount of neutral yeast probably wouldn’t hurt, but if it were me I would likely leave it alone.

No need to add yeast.

Thanks for the replies. After several days of no visible airlock activity and no responses here, I did add a pkg of Safale 05 American Ale yeast. It didn’t make much difference. I’ll try to remember to post followup to this along about Christmas time as to how it turned out. The beer I transferred onto the Cherries smelled fantastic. Thanks again for the responses, I should have held out for a couple more days.

First sour I made was Dawson’s kriek, after a year it was great and after two it was awesome.

This is just my second sour, the first Kreik. I have a Flanders red that has been bottled about 6 mos. I’ve tried about 6 bottles spaced out over this time. At first it had a really strong barn yard flavor and I was a little worried, but this has slowly mellowed and the sour and malt is much more prevalent now. It really hasn’t carbonated well though so will be trying some of the host site’s Prime Dose when available again. Very much looking forward to the maturation of the Dawson’s Kreik. It did smell fantastic as I transferred onto the cherries.

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