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Add honey at 10 min before end of boil

Think about making next week a brew. With using honey. What do i expect. Ok more og grav. But will i get more sweet flav. Once done. Do a 5 gal boil. And think 1lbs of. Honey

What do you want to accomplish from adding the honey? If it’s just to increase OG then you can add it to the boil with 10-15 minutes remaining.

If you want flavor contribution try adding as late into the process as possible to prevent scrubbing from the boil and fermentation. Honey can assist in finishing dry and can take awhile to ferment out so don’t be surprised if it takes awhile.

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Well got a beer kit. A white house honey ale. Some one gave me. It contains a 1 lbs jar of honey. Think about brewing this sunday or next week. Thats why the question. Personally i dont like the taste of honey

Honey is great… on my morning toast. Sneezles61

I use honey often- in recipes that call for sugar, or if my OG falls short of predicition. I add it late boil, usually in 1 lb. amount, and rarely get any flavor contribution. If I wanted honey flavor, I’d add it 2-3 days into fermentation, and mash with some honey malt anyways.
So, I don’t think the 1lb. of honey in that kit will add any flavor for you, it’ll just act like it was 1 lb. sugar. And 1lb. shouldn’t slow down your fermentation either.

Weird did calculation. With brewsmith. Created the recipy again. Indeed not much flav of the honey. But a higher grav. Nothing more. So with out honey. A og grav of 1.060. With 1 lbs honey. 1.062. So now why add the honey. If this dont matter. I could add just a 1lbs of corn sugar

I brewed the White House honey porter kit. Added honey at 10 min. There is just a touch of honey flavor in mine. I think you should add it.

Honey is pure sugar and 100% fermentable. Unless you use pure buckwheat or sage honey, etc., there won’t be any flavor contribution. A partial mash with honey malt may give you the desired flavor.

Friday is the plan including a mini mash

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