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Add canned pumpkin to Smashing Pumpkin Ale Extract Kit?

Hi All,

Trying my hand at the Smashing Pumpkin Ale extract kit for the fall drinking season.
Does it make sense to add canned pumpkin and/or spices to an all extract kit?
And if so, in what quantities?



It absolutely makes sense.


You’re going to want to follow the advice from the video on the Smashing Pumpkin page. The video shows them adding canned pumpkin to the extract kit, and real pumpkin to the all-grain kit, while acknowledging that they could have done the reverse combination too.

What they say, is that you should get a couple pounds of crushed 6-row malt*, and do a partial mash with the pumpkin first. This will convert some of that pumpkin starch into fermentable sugar, so it will raise the OG by several points, and the final ABV too. If you don’t do the grain thing, I’m not sure how it would turn out, but it would definitely not clear up.

As for quantity, they used 2 cans. I realized AFTER my first batch that they used 15 ounce cans. My first batch I used 2x39oz. I’d go somewhere in the middle.

*others have posted that 2-row gets the job done too.


A thread from last month on this topic. With a link to a thread from the day before on the topic.

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