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Add a valve to a brewpot?

I’m going to be upgrading some equipment here in the near future. I guy I worked with talked me into buying a plate chiller (Therminator type) for wort chilling, since right now, I’m still toying around with the Ice Bath method.

I noticed from his set-up, he’s transferring wort directly through the plate chiller and into his carboy for fermentation from his pot - he’s got the brewkettle type with the valve on it.

Instead of buying a whole new pot with the valve, has anyone retrofitted their current kettle with a valve for this? I’m sure it can be done… just unsure of the equipment requirements.

Let me know.


What kind of pot do you have? It’s pretty easy to drill through a pot. We bought a one inch step bit to do it for ours and had no problem installing a SS Ball valve. We did a thermometer while we were at it as well. They sell a SS ball valve with barb for tubing here at NB; just check under pumps and plumbing

We also run through a plate chiller and I’m in love with it; so fast and easy. ... lkhead.pdf ... lkhead.pdf

This may work for you.

One thing of note that we experienced with our plate chiller the first time we used it is that it clogged up with hop residue. We don’t use a pump and rely on gravity to get the wort through. We just started using a hop bag and haven’t had any problems since then.

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