Ad more yeast?

I just brewed NB’s Bourbon Barrel Porter (first time) and noticed it only krausened for a day (2nd day) and not very much. I rehydrated the dry yeast but did not do a starter with it. I did pour the yeast into the (sterilized) carboy first, right before the wort and the carboy is tightly sealed. Given the lack of krausening I’m concerned it’s not going to ferment sufficiently. Is this enough or should I add more yeast?


Kind of need to know a bit more about the situation before advising on it.

What yeast did you use? How much beer are you fermenting?
What was the OG of the beer? What is the SG now?
What was the temperature of the wort when you added the yeast? What is the temperature of the wort now?

If you saw yeast activity you should be OK. If the ferment went really fast you might have fermented a bit warm, if the beer tastes extra fruity this could be the reason. Otherwise you will have beer, i’d still let it go another ten days on the yeast.

rebuiltcellars, a bit more info is as follows:

I rehydrated the dry yeast that came with the kit, Windsor ale yeast. My efficiency before boil was low but it usually is due to the crappy water here (18%, usually mid-20’s.) I did add 12mg of CaCl which made the ph a little low for such a dark beer, 5.8. probably should have left that alone. My original gravity was a little low, 1.060 of a targeted 1.065. Temp of wort at time of transfer to carboy was >72˚. It’s fermenting at 68˚.

NO!! Ad Rock.


68F room temp means your ferm temp might be in the low to mid-70’s due to the heat ggiven off during ferm. That’ll make the Windsor go fast and finish quickly, which its prone to do anyhow.