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Actual floaties that I'm worried about

When I was racking my GF’s honey cream ale for bottling I noticed a smattering of white floating debris on the surface of the beer. It looked like a bunch of small paint chips or something to that effect. I’ve seen proteins and krausen leftovers suspend for a while, but I haven’t had anything like this develop at the end of secondary. Could it be a bacterial infection? I sanitized a sifter and ran it over the surface picking up what I could… but worrying is inevitable. Thoughts?

I’d guess it’s an infection. Did you taste any of the beer? If you can tell by taste (or by seeing new floaties in the bottles after a week) that it’s infected, but you still want to drink it, then as soon as the bottles are carbed, put them all in the fridge and keep them very cold. That way you’ll slow down whatever’s growing. And drink them sooner rather than later.

I wouldn’t necessarily declare it to be an infection just yet. Chunks of yeast or other trub can work their way to the top, even in secondary. Different yeast strains can behave different too as far as what sorts of funky looking things can occur. I wouldn’t even have scooped it out, just would have racked under it. But if you sanitized well you didn’t hurt anything.

Does it taste okay? Does whatever it is seem to be growing or spreading?

If it tastes okay don’t be scared to drink it, even if it is an infection nothing can naturally occur in beer that will hurt you.

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