Active Fermentation Question - First Time

Using the Deluxe Starter Kit /w the caribou slobber. I had a good active fermentation going on it seemed the day after I pitched my yeast, and looked like a good layer of Korision (spelling)…but it seemed to fizzle out. I still have bubbles going through the airlock every min or so now (this is day 3ish) but the lay of Korison is gone it seems. Am I still good?

You’re good.

The Krausen (or kraeusen, or kräusen pronounced CROY-zen) will usually drop after a few days after active fermentation has subsided. It does not mean that fermentation is finished, just that it has slowed down.

Look into controlling fermentation temps into the 60’s. Find a closet or basement that stays consistently in the low 60s. Fermentation at high temperatures can result in less than favorable flavors in the finished beer.

Congrats on Batch #1. In a few weeks you’ll be enjoying the spoils of homebrewing. If you’ve got the equipment, get going on batch #2. If you don’t have the equipment, GET IT!


Relax and have a brew.

Thanks for the reply’s, I feel much better about this…now I just have to sit and wait!!!