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Acid Malt in Dark Lagers

I’m brewing Weyermann’s Rauchbier next week and the recipe is:
57% Munich II
27% Rauchmalt
10% Caramunich 60L
3% Carafe II 450L
3% Acid malt

The SRM is around 27.

Now I’ve used between 2-4oz of Acid malt in 5 gallon batches of light colored lagers and ales before with spectactular results, but why is it in the recipe?

Is it because the darkening malt is in such little quanity because of is potency, so the overall effect it would have to lower the mash ph not as effective?

I really hesitate to stray from this obvious rock star recipe, but I also like to know why this ingredient is in the recipes I brew.

Do y’all think the water they brew with has ph above 9-10, thus needing the acid malt?


Depending on your water profile you may or may not need it. Most likely his bicarbonate is in the 300+ range requiring some acidification. Here is my water profile:
64 Ca
20 Mag
27 sodium
20 chloride
39 sulfate
266 Bicarbonate

I would probably just use 1oz of acidulated. If you are down under 200ppm Bicarbonate I wouldn’t use any at all. Keep in mind I am just estimating, as I have not used this grain bill before. :cheers:

I use acid malt frequently, but only to correct pH and with my soft water only in light-colored beers. I wouldn’t add it unless your water needs it. This is one of those “adjust for your system” items like mash efficiency, strike-water temperature or boil-off volume.

Perfect imforrmation guys that confirmed what I suspected.

My bicarbonate level is only 120, so I’ll just omit it.


Actually, now that I think about it I’ve heard of using Acid malt to give a sour bite to a beer, but I can’t recall rauchebiers needing that. Then again, I’m not a big fan of rouchebiers, so don’t take my word on it.

I’ve heard this too, but in higher percentages of the grist.
In the low amounts I use, it gives the lighter beers better focus and brightness.

Well that and using pure O2 for aeration, really took my beers to the next level!!

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