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Acid malt, crush or not?

Wondering if acid malt has to be crushed to release all its acidy goodness,
If the acid soaks into the seed or just the husk.
I assume I can throw it in uncrushed with my slightly over heated strike water and let it acidify the water while my tun preheats. Stop me here if this is a bad idea.

The acid is on the surface but it should be milled as should any malt.

I just crush it with the rest of my grain.

Crush it or you won’t get any sugars out of it. If you only want to throw it in your strike water, just use lactic acid.

Thanks guys.
That’s all I really need out of it is the acid, I don’t have any bottled acid.
I’ll crush it. I did suck on some of it and it was more acidic when I bit it.

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