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Acetylhyde in Caribou Slobber

I brewed a batch of extract Caribou Slobber recently and had some judged in a local BJCP sanctioned competiton. I only scored a 25, mainly due to judges picking up on some Acetylhyde and a tiny bit of diacetyl which was a definite letdown as my other beers were in the mid 30s.

I’m curious as to what could have caused this as I kept my ferm temps in the mid to upper 60s, fermented in the primary for 21 days and secondary for 21 days. Bottle conditioned for 2 weeks and I believe the beer was judged around the 4 week mark in the bottle.

I’m wondering if this could be some sort of contamination issue or just a beer that isn’t maturing as fast as usual?

Has anyone else had a similar issue despite the long ferm periods? I’m kind of clueless as to what could have caused this…

What kind of yeast did you use? How much did you use? I have had issues with this a few times and it almost always can be traced back to my not pitching enough yeast or not oxygenating the wort enough before pitching. Sounds like you gave it enough time so I would not think that is an issue.

From somewhere on the web: “As a product of yeast metabolism, it can be caused by the strain itself or by premature termination of the yeast’s fermentation, such as oxygen depletion, premature flocculation”

I have since started pitching more yeast than recommended and I oxygenate the heck out of the wort before pitching, so far so good.

Wyeast 1332 Northwest Ale straight from the activator smack pack. No starter, which I regret now haha. The only other thing I can think of is the lack of proper aeration. I may have not shaken the carboy for the proper amount of time recommended by Wyeast.

How do you oxygenate your wort? I’ve been thinking about picking up one of the hose kits from NB soon.

One smack pack with no starter may be your problem.

I have an aeration system from NB that works well with an oxygen bottle but lately I have been using an old fermenting bucket with a hole cut in the lid and an industrial paint stirrer attached to a power drill. About 30-45 seconds of that and it’s well aerated.

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