I have been reading I guess the cons of accumash. Has anyone used it? Is it a waste of money?

"The fact that the product contains, according to the posted ingredients list, phosphate salts and calcium carbonate, immediately disqualifies it from serious consideration.

There obviously is no liquid acid in it but monobasic sodium (or potassium) phosphate is acidic relative to any pH > 4.65"
Is this true? I am new to brewing and I am trying to figure out how to make the best beer I can. I bought this but now I am wondering if I just wasted my money.

Haven’;t heard of it, but it sounds a lot like the Buffer 5.2 product. If it is, it belongs in the trash, not the mash.

There is no substitute to knowledge, measurement and adjusting accordingly; everything else is just guessing. Know your source water, whether you pay for a water test or can get the correct information from your water utility, otherwise use distilled water or Reverse Osmosis (RO) water from a trusted source. Measure pH with a good quality pH meter capable of two-point calibration; don’t waste your time with cheap meters or paper strips. Calcium Chloride, gypsum, phosphoric acid, Epsom salts, table salt and baking soda are all cheap, so don’t waste your money on expensive panaceas that can never work. Water chemistry calculation spreadsheets are free. You can make decent beer without even trying; however, you’ll be hard-pressed to consistently make great beer without knowledge, measurement and adjustment.

NB sells it now, it seemed at the time like a wow product, but now it seems like a waste of $5.

Also, thanks for the help.