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Accidentally doubled yeast pitching

When brewing a one gallon batch of Belgian Whit last night I was supposed to add half of the tube of White Labs liquid yeast… before I realized it I had dumped almost the whole thing! I probably pitched about 5/6 of the total test tube’s liquid. What is this going to do? Looks fine this morning, nice slow bubbling.

you over pitched by a bit. fermentation will probably begin faster than normal.

I wouldn’t worry too much about it. It will still be beer, and if you did everything else correctly it will be good beer. Over-pitching isn’t something that will really harm your beer, it’s just not ideal. Personally, i’d rather overpitch than underpitch.

Nothing you can do about it now, except learn for next time. Let it do its thing and try to keep it in the low to mid 60’s.

That’s what I thought… thanks for confirming… crossing my fingers for a great batch!

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