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Accidental c20 in an ofest

Brew shop accidentally added 2.6# of c20 to my grain bill for my second run of Dannys oktoberfest…thats about 25% of the grain bill :slight_smile: im not going to dump it…but how do you guys think it will turn out?

You’ll probably want to adjust the bittering hops to make sure it doesn’t come out too sweet.

I dumped a pile of wlp838 in it…took about 36 hours to get going…but she is going strong…og was 1.078.

I agree with Danny, also may have a bit darker color…. Maybe dry hop with some noble to balance the sweetness with a herbal, spicy nose? Sneezles61

That’s an interesting idea to dry hop an Ofest. My last years recipe had some rye in it and I got some grief around here about it not being appropriate. Well this yeSrs batch I left out the rye and substituted wheat. I preferred the rye. Any way I have 1 1/2 kegs lagering for the party and tapped a 1/2 for myself. I don’t like Vienna malt sorry.

Our brew store here locally now prefers the customers measure and mill their own grain, which I think is great. Any mistakes are then on you. However the reason was a??holes stealing copper chillers while the sole employee was milling in the back.

Both my LHBSs have always allowed customers to serve themselves on grain milling. Pretty sad what drove yours to it though…people just suck don’t they?

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Brew it the way you like it and don’t tell em what’s in it! @brew_cat’s Ofest should be what the brewcat likes.

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Yeah…brazen, middle of the day theft. One thing to strip an industrial AC of copper, but a small business owner?

Need to get rolling on a lager series to include an Oktoberfest here also, or I’ll be doing a Novemberfest soon!

Cocaine is a helluva drug :grinning:

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More like heroin…

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