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Access to jack barrel

So I have access to an actual Jack Daniels production barrel … buddy told me he pulled the cork and it’ll knock ya on yer but… I’d like to brew a stout and age it… thoughts? Said will take a bill for it… has dates/ batch lot and all marked on it. Just have to trave 4 hrs to get it…

Stouts an obvious choice. But there are numerous other options like Belgian dubbel, tripel, and quads, porter, brown ale, barleywine. Heck, it doesn’t even need to be a high OG monster. You could use a pale ale or blonde.

Couple things:

  1. I assume it’s a 55gal barrel? That’s a lot of brewing
  2. have you looked into barrel maintenance? Can be a lot of work
  3. into sours? This could be an opportunity for a smokers.
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