I brewed the recipe for Surly Furious with some hop changes to account for the hop shortage. Did a yeast starter and had good activity in the fermentation right away. Moved to secondary on day 8. The readings were as follows:

OG 1.065
FG 1.032

This about 4.2 ABV. Does this not seem rather low for such a recipe?


Yes thats a low abv because thats a high final gravity. YOu moved it off of the yeast too soon. Shouldve moved it around 1.015 I think.

Sounds like your fermentation crapped out. Should have been lower than 1.032 after 8 days. But that’s also a little soon to rack to secondary. That beer is gonna be sweet! Pitch some fresh yeast.

if you bottle at that final gravity you will have bottles burst. be careful

Currently in the cornie. Should I transfer back to fermentor and pitch more yeast?

Too late now. Next time, give it 2-3 weeks in primary and skip the secondary completely.

Thank you all.

You could add yeast to the corney. Put a disconnect on the gas side with tubing going into a jar of vodka/sanitizer/water.

It’s possible that it will continue to ferment with the yeast left in suspension. It will take some time. Vent the CO2 buildup every day if you don’t want to put a blowoff tube on it.

I’m betting that’s a measurement error. Are you using a refractometer?

If you pitched a nice healthy slug of yeast it’s basically impossible to hit an FG that high.