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ABV too high for bottle conditioning?

I have a 9% + ABV beer that doesn’t seem to be developing carbonation in the bottle. I thought I had it in too cold an area, maybe 55 F. Moved it to where I fermented it which is about 66F and it still seems to not be developing. The flavor has matured but not much for bubbles. Is it possible the yeast is knocked out and not able to consume the priming sugar?

Depends on the yeast… It should take longer, but I’ve carbed as high as 11%.

I think the yeast is just too cold. Move your bottles to a 70°F+ area. In a couple of days resuspend the yeast by gently inverting the bottles one time. High ABV beers can take 4 to 6 weeks to begin carbonating even at warm temperatures.

I bottled 9% beers without adding more yeast. Gotta keep em warm above 70. Warm won’t hurt them now. I packed them in boxes and set them on a heat pad

Yup, warm those suckers up and every few days gently turn them upside down and back to stir things up. Even at warmer temperatures it takes awhile to carb higher alcohol brews. I wouldn’t worry too much just yet.

Thanks! Moved to a warm space.

Warmth speeds the process up but age does the trick also. I keg carbonated strong beer but they also changedwith time.

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