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Abv bump

Anyone know of a formula or how much of an ABV bump I’d get by adding 16 oz of Jameson Caskmates to 5.25 gal of stout which is already at 6.5%ABV?

Dont know the formula. But i did a lemmy ale. When i did transfer it to second. Fermenter. Had a 5.8 abv. Did add 16 0z of jd. In second. Did notice the jd flav. But. The final grav. I ended up with a abv of 6.5

I’m sure there’s an easier way…
Your beer is 5.25 gal x 128 oz/gal or 672 ounces at 6.5ABV that’s 43.68 ounces of alcohol. (672 x 0.065)

16 ounces of booze (80 proof = 40% ABV) 16 x 0.4 = 6.4 ounces alcohol.

Adding the alcohols together and the total volumes… you will end up with 50.08 ounces of alcohol in 688 total ounces.

50.08 / 688 = 0.0727 So call it 7.3% ABV


Awesome yeah I did some research and the easiest way is to figure the delution. Using 750ml of Jameson @ 43%:
10.75/665.4=.0161 or 1.6%
1.6%+6.5=8.1%ABV IF USING THE ENTIRE BOTTLE. Similar math, but with 16 oz’s it brought it to 7.5%ABV.

Using several different formulas that I’ve seen, I’ve come up with 7.3-7.5 (tom-A-toes/tom-AH-toes).


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