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About vigorous boil's

Hello I have a ? this may sound dumb but what is a vigorous boil I mean I wrote another thing on this forum about me testing my 8 gallon brew pot out with 7 gallon of water in it an after a 90min boil losting 2.5 to 3 gallon ending up with about 4.50 to 4.25gal left after a 90 min boil but here the ? some of what you people told me was to turn down my burner an slow my boil but when i do turn down my burn like people are saying to do I don’t see a vigorous boil that eveyone talking about

I hate to nit-pick, can you put some punctuation’s in your post? :oops:

Did you list in the previous post what diameter the pot is that you are using?

After you get a good hot break and the foam has settled back down at the start of the boil reduce the heat till you can see movement and a steady turnover of wort but not bubbling and jumping out at you. This pod cast says it best.
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