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? about grains

Can someone tell me how long I can store crushed grains, thinking about the flat rate shipping.

I wouldn’t go more than a couple weeks.

Like leaving an open bag of chips out…

thanks for the advice,just recieved 3 kits last friday. one in the bucket 2 to go.guess i’ll wait.

Several years ago I purchased 4 kits at one time. It took close to 4 months for me to brew the last one. I brewed them in order of light flavors to robust. Say from a Cream Ale to Porter.

Keep them cool and dry and you will be fine.

Couple weeks? :roll:

That’s what I was told by a couple people.

Some people are over paranoid. :cheers:

Place the yeast in the fridge and hop in the freezer.

Or my LHBS wanting me to buy grains more often! :shock:


If you purchased enough grain for 2 beers. Expecting to brew both in two weeks, but something came up. You might toss the grain based on that advice.

And old brew store told me that some people mashed their grain with out crushing them. That should increase sales! :shock:

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