? about Conundrum Session IPA All-Grain Recipe Kit

Hello I am going to brew this recipe an it has pilsner malt as it’s base malt . Now I read an hear that anytime you use pilsner malt you really need a 90min boil. So my ? is with this recipe has 3.5 pounds of pilsner malt would one need a 90min boil

I’ve burnt up a couple of pilsner sacks and never did a 90 minute boil, BUT, I’m not a fermenter of lager, and that side of the discussion will have their ideas… Sneezles61

I do a lot of lager with Pilsner and don’t do 90 minuet boils. But I don’t ever use straight Pilsner with no other malt so maybe that would make a difference.

I make a lot of lagers. Never do a 90 min boil. Never had DMS issues. If you are using under modified Pilsner malt then a 90 minute boil might be more appropriate.

I make pilsner every so often and always boil for 60 minutes with good results.