About brew northern brewer cream ale recipe

Hello I have ? about this recipe . I like to do yeast starters for my beers well when i look at mr malty it has ale, hybrid , lager. Now where does the cream ale fall into meaning do i do the yeast starter has a Ale or a Hybrid .

What temp do you plan to ferment the beer at?

Which yeast?

Cream Ale is an Ale

I have that one on tap now. It came with 1056 Wyeast American ale yeast. I made my starter using 1700 ml of water and about 1 1/4 cup of light DME. Had it on the stir plate for just over 4 days. Pitched @68 degrees. My fermentation temperature went to high. It was near 78 degrees. It picked up some esters from the yeast, it has a grapefruit like finish, which I really don’t mind. IMHO I think the beer turned out ok for a rookie. I am reading Palmers book on brewing and trying to get a handle on pitching rates now. So far I’m still in the dark on that one. :slight_smile:

I forgot to ask the OG, 1.040 and assuming 5 gallons.

Fermenting as an ale (mid to upper 60’s), it’s a toss up IMO for making a 1qt starter as recommended on Mr Malty.

Fermenting cooler (upper 50’s, low 60’s) double that to 1/2 gallon.

Fermenting cold (mid 50’s, 56 will work there) double that again to 1.25 gallons.

My $.02