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AB InBev as owner

Greetings. Consider me out of touch, but I became aware only a few months back that NB was acquired by AbInBev in late 2016.

I’m not trying to start an argument but, as much as I like NB, this bothers me, being of the opinion that the big boys have been a roadblock to innovation and choice for a long time. I just wonder what others think. I read the press releases from Farley, which I didn’t find very insightful. Just some of my ponderings.

We kicked this around back when it happened. NB bought by AB/InBev? - #2 by brew_cat

As far as I can tell, customer service wise, not much changed. It does grate on some of us though.

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I am new to NB. But I have come to respect this site and what they have done and what they are doing a lot.
Bring on the 20% and Free shipping deals. My MegaPot is awesome.
This blog is also very cool… NB can educate ABinBev on what people want.
If not, there will be others to fill the gap (e.g. AIH).
Brew On…

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