A tip for organizing

Here’s a tip for homebrewer’s who haven’t already done so and are looking for a way to help organize all that brew stuff that begins to accumulate. Find a tackle box at a yard sale for pennies on the dollar and store all of your loose parts for kegs and everything else brewery related. I can’t tell you how often I am in this thing and how much time it saves me.


Great idea. I have a collection of stuff that looks very similar in a bunch of different storage containers.

Gotta love that!

Hi hd4mark from the old days at the Brewboard Forum.

Great tip… all too often I let things accumulate in a box or old fermentation bucket. Nice organized compartments is key. The only thing I have issues storing are my long items like the carboy brushes, tubes, etc.

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I have a toolbox I got years ago from Home Depot our heckingers or one of them. Tray with lots of little compartments, more built into the lid, plus storage for PBW, star san, hoses, etc.

What we all need is a space downstairs with permanent racks and cabinets on the walls.

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I’ve thought about building a hutch over my chest freezer, but my carpentry is a bit too amateur to give me the results I’d want.

Hi back ghawk. Can’t remember the last time I was on the Brewboard forum. Kind of got too busy here.