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A Tale of Two Yeasts

Here’s a dumb question:

Has anyone pitched two different yeasts into their beer? What would happen? Does one overtake the other/ kill the other yeast off?

I don’t know why I thought about it, but what would happen if I had a 1.060 or better wort that I decided to pitch 1 pk of 04 and one pk of 05 into at the same time? Would I get the best from both yeast or would I end up with a fight to the death in my fermentor?

The yeast will not attack each other. They will just eat the sugar they come across.

What the finished product will be, ???

No battle to the death?!

I do it all the time. White Labs and East Coast Yeast make some great yeast blends, or you can experiment yourself by pitching different single strains. With some styles (saisons, sours, etc.) I think pitching multiple yeasts provides a level of complexity that you can’t get without.

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