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A Tale of Two Kölsch

These are both brewed from NB Kolsch extract kits. The beer on the right is from an approx 3 gallon boil and the recipe followed more or less (2 weeks primary, 2 weeks secondary) Bottle conditioned.

The beer on the left is from a 5.5 gallon full boil, lagered for 3 weeks after primary then Kegged - it is actually the last of the keg :frowning:

I should have used a better surface than a butcher block to highlight the color (This was taken after a few beers were consumed) but the difference is amazing. They both taste pretty good although I prefer the full boil example.

Besides the lighter color in the full boil batch, are there any taste, mouthfeel, or head retention differences?

I want to know more about the “tale.”

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