A reason to brew lots of beer

to stay healthy this winter
although I am not sure what Humulone is…


As if I needed another reason to brew lots of beers, especially lots of high humulone IPA’s.

I’d be curious what the humulone content of an IPA is? They you’d have to drink 30 beers to get the appropriate amount, but they show pics of Bud Light. So 30 BL’s or one Arrogant Bastard?

One bottle of Pliny and you’re good for the season :slight_smile:

Either which way I’m set. 30 BL in a weekend is nothing… :oops:

My taste buds had not really liked heavily hopped beers until about three years ago. I have not had a cold or flu in the last 3 years. Coincidence?

I’m really curious which “beer” they’re referencing in the research. Anybody track down the source of this research yet?

It was a study conducted by Sapporo Medical University, funded by, wait for it, Sapporo Brewery in Japan. So, a beer company funded a study that says beer is good for you. Tell me something I don’t know :mrgreen:

So… it’s Sorachi Ace?