A question for kegger

Here is my dilemma. If I have a keg that is still partially full can I take it off line and just store it in my basement to be put on at a later date. Will it go bad or flat and if so can I just recarb when I want to drink it again. Now I’m bottling it when I need the space.

You most certainly can disconnect and store it, but it would be best to keep it in a cool area if its going to be for an extended amount of time.


For a few months only unless it is a big beer, then it can be for years.

Will I just be able to chill it and start drinking or will it need time to recarb?

It should stay carbed just fine … unless your keg has a leak, in which case you would need to recarb it.

Thanks, that makes things easier. :cheers: