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A Non Punctual Poppet Problem?

Hi All,
Over a week ago I kegged up a batch that I’m certain is carbed. The problem is that with the exception of a small spurt of beer and gas, no beer will come out of the picnic tap. Yesterday, I decompressed the corny and unscrewed the valve. I found no clogs in the dip tube and the poppet and spring seemed to be in good condition. I also put the same picnic tap on another corny and had no problem drawing beer. Upon putting the tap back on the post in question, NO beer. It’s got to be a stuck poppet problem right?? Anyone with advice to help a beer brother out??
Thanks, Mike

Are you sure the QD is seating all the way?

As a matter of fact, it requires more pressure to press on than the other corny. However this isn’t the first batch to go through this rig.

Disconect the co2, bleed off almost all of the pressure and then slightly depress the poppet (Keep some paper towels close) and see if you get any beer out of the fitting. If you do, try a different QD maybe the one your using isn’t seating all the way an that particular post

Will do. I have a hunch what you are referring to IS the issue.

If that doesn’t fix the problem, depressurize again, remove the post, pull out the poppet and apply a thin layer of keg lube to the o-ring as well as to the o-ring on the post.

If you have multiple kegs and poppets it could be a poppet that just doesnt quite fit well in that particular keg. I have had this problem before and had to swap out to a different poppet in order to get it to work correctly.

Thanks to all for the input. I changed out a universal poppet with a type A poppet and solved my problem. Why the universal one(s) didn’t work after working just fine in other batches I don’t know. Maybe a lubricant issue. Either way, NB just sent me A’s to replace all universals.

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